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Cute little sloth wears itself out seeing who’s outside the box


I feel like nobody ever understands just how badly I want to suck my own dick

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Charles Bukowski

Keep your eyes on the prize, Takao~

4/19/2014 (12:23pm)

I kind of want to get a swimming uniform like that now even though I can’t swim

I have officially become /d/

the whole time, kasuga was actually on a date with nakamura and his job was to feed her voyeurism fetish

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You are the perfect amount of sauce. 

#oh god#a teensy bit hot for the dumbest reasons but still... wha

_______ you are so damnnn sexyyy. Everytime i think of you i get horny. Just the fact that you have that little tight tiny butt and those small perky tits turn me on so bad. You will look way better without glasses, but i can still deal with it. I wish i had the balls to ask you out but i know you wont want to. I want to handcuff your hands nd blindfold you while i pull your hair in doggystyle making you cum all over me. Just seeing you makes me drool. I wish i could fuck you in front of classs, in the halls, in the roof, in front of teachers nd in front of your parents. I wish i could fuck ur mom and you together. Omg your so damn hot. Sincerely your admirer that loves asians

something someone actually anonymously submitted to my college’s crushes page

it seems like a joke at the end but did you catch the way the entire thing was framed as rape?

what were they expecting the girl’s reaction to be?  flattery?  arousal?  no, this is weaponized sexuality.


Denisa Heaven and Milagres - Lesbian Dreams from Wow Porn

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