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Big Black covering Wire’s Heartbeat live in London, 1987

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every time I see some quote or shitty poetry that’s supposed to be deep on tumblr, I get this strange urge to douse the post in kerosene and set it on fire

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why do white people like birkenstocks so much

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patriarchy is male by incident?

"if you’ve got nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about" in defense of privacy invasions and surveillance -> compare to female self-surveillance, using same sentence to read into shame and damage to self-esteem-> this is the language of domination, something something male gaze something something why doesn’t this fucking freak you out

it is not necessarily that western society is structured around a male point of view but rather that men are the primary transmitters of western social structure

to be a man is to be the system

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youre gonna look so godamn cool

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  • cis person: so what are you, like, biologically?
  • me: water, 35 liters. carbon, 20 kilograms. ammonia, 4 liters. lime, 1.5 kilograms. phosphorous, 800 grams. salt, 250 grams. saltpeter, 100 grams. sulfur, 80 grams. fluorine, 7.5 grams. iron, 5 grams. silicon, 3 grams, and trace amounts of 15 other elements.

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The Male Gaze For Dummies

Women are depicted in a quite different way from men – not because the feminine is different from the masculine – but because the ‘ideal’ spectator is always assumed to be male and the image of the woman is designed to flatter him. If you have any doubts that this is so, make the following experiment. Choose from this book [Ways of Seeing] an image of a traditional nude. Transform the woman into a man. Either in your mind’s eye or by drawing on the reproduction. Then notice the violence which that transformation does. Not to the image, but to the assumptions of a likely viewer.

Ways of Seeing, John Berger, p. 64

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And how hard is it to land even a minimum-wage job? This year, the Ivy League college admissions acceptance rate was 8.9%. Last year, when Walmart opened its first store in Washington, D.C., there were more than 23,000 applications for 600 jobs, which resulted in an acceptance rate of 2.6%, making the big box store about twice as selective as Harvard and five times as choosy as Cornell. Telling unemployed people to get off their couches (or out of the cars they live in or the shelters where they sleep) and get a job makes as much sense as telling them to go study at Harvard.

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malcolm in the middle was the realest show

"…if i was real" reese bbz

"real women aren’t that different from regular people"

I love this show

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